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Septentrional was formed in Cap-Haitien on July 27,1948, from two small groups, the “Quatuor Septentrional” and the “Trio Symphonia”. The original group of seven members has now grown to a big band numbering (18) eighteen members.

The first Band Leader was Jean Menuau who remained the group’s guitarist for many years. The Year 1955 was pivotal in Septen’s history. The vocalist Roger Colas and pianist Louis Etienne joined the band that year and took it to a completely different level. In 1963, Septen produced and distributed its first album. In 1966, Septen came to the U.S. for the first time and has since traveled extensively throughout the Americas and Europe.

The band attracted many excellent musicians and composers in its ranks. As with any longstanding organizations, Septentrional has experienced many glorious years as well as some trying moments in its history. With the support of its fans, the group has survived, and in 1998, celebrated a half-century of great music.


Septentrional published its first recording in 1963. Ever since, no other Haitian musical formation has reached the level of production that the group has achieved. Septen, as it is called by million of fans, has published an impressive total of 62 albums, 20 accompanying some of the greatest Haitian artists such as Guy Durosier, Ansy Derose and Charles Dessalines. The group also accompanied some well-known international artists like Alberto Bertran, Roberto Ledesma, Nelson Ned and Hugo Enrique with whom it also produced an album.
On January 1, 1967, Septen inaugurated its own Night Club, “Feu Vert”, built on the ocean waterfront of the beloved hometown of Cap-Haitien. Six years later, on January 1, 1973, Septen Theatre erected next to the “Feu Vert” complex, was inaugurated.



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